Hernando Credit Card Debt Attorney

If you are tired of coming home every day and receiving statement after statement letting you know how much credit card debt you owe, consider filing for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy can eliminate credit card debt completely. Mounting credit card debt and interest rates are only hurting your credit score in the long run. An effective Mississippi bankruptcy attorney can assist you with bankruptcy proceedings and help you get a fresh start.

Attorney James W. Amos has years of experience helping individuals and families get back on their feet and eliminate credit card debt. His bankruptcy practice can help you file for bankruptcy and discharge credit card debt completely. To schedule an initial consultation at Mr. Amos' law office in Hernando, Mississippi, call 866-471-9681 or contact our Hernando credit card debt attorney online.

Get Rid of Credit Card Debt

Any unsecured debt, like credit card debt, can be discharged completely by filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Chapter 7 allows you to achieve debt relief by wiping out credit card debt while still allowing you to keep certain exempt assets, like your home, automobiles and certain personal items. Imagine being able to get rid of those constant credit card bills and statements letting you know how much interest you have accrued. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a possible solution.

You must qualify in order to file for Chapter 7. A bankruptcy means test will apply to see if you meet income and debt requirements. Even if you don't qualify, there is also the option of Chapter 13 bankruptcy, which allows you to restructure a payment plan and can even stop home foreclosure.

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Constantly worrying about how you are going to pay your credit card bill is no way to live. You can do something about it today. For more information about eliminating credit card debt or to schedule an initial consultation with James W. Amos, call today at 866-471-9681 or contact our Hernando, Mississippi, law office online.

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